A small flame

A small flame

On our 15th anniversary

''It's a miracle we still love each other after 15 years.''
This is what we tell each other across a sink-full of dirty dishes
and isn't it true!
That any two, sinful, imperfect people can keep laughing and loving
and choosing each other again every day
is nothing short of miraculous.

Over the years we've traded candlelight for burning the midnight oil
while we clean up after sick kids or write seminary papers ...
violins playing 'our song' for the din of crazy boy-noise (times 3!) ...
and adoring vows for the everyday humdrum of budgets and parenting.

But through it all we've loved each other
and we've loved the Miracle Worker more
and a chord of 3 strands is not easily broken.

And, somehow, the secret to living our dream isn't having an easy life;
it's being side by side in the trenches,
fighting to love better and bring God more glory.

It's a miracle we still love each other after 15 years.
Here's to the next 15 years of miraculous.
Happy Anniversary, my love.

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