A small flame

A small flame

Hello, New Year

It's still sinking in that this is a new year.
The tree is down and Christmas is back in its boxes.
Hubby has ended his (blissful !) vacation from work.
And somewhere in the back of my brain
I know we need to start school again come Monday.
But today doesn't feel much different from yesterday or the day before....
I guess sometimes it takes a while for the 'New' in a year to dawn.

I didn't really blog about it (though I still might)
but last year was my year of fighting fear.
Of identifying where fear was dictating how I lived my life
and then pushing past it and live anyway.

My year of No, Fear.

I did just a bit of crazy, a few things people who knew me well didn't think I'd do....
until I did them.
And I did some 'brave' that only God and I could see,
but it made a difference.

And I learned something -
Life doesn't always turn out rosily, obviously,
but, usually?
When I took the risk,
the thing I feared never happened
while fun, blessing, memories showed up in abundance.

This new year is my year of joy.
Life doesn't always have joy jumping off the page...
but I believe - I know - that it's always there, somewhere.
So this year I'm changing my life-lenses, going on a hunt,
determined, through God and with grace, to Live Joyfully.

What do you hope to do with your new year?