A small flame

A small flame


For the past few months I have been enjoying all the Elf on the Shelf ideas that have been popping up on the internet. People are soooooo creative! And I really wanted to do it too..... but it just doesn't fit our family. In our family, we don't condemn Santa (or any of you who include Santa in your Christmas :-), but we just have never made him a part of our Christmas. And as fun as the whole Elf thing looks, I just couldn't make it fit our family. But all that creative funness (like my new word?) was just too much to pass up!

And so I came up with the idea for a Christmas Countdown Pal.

Over the last few days of November, I began putting up signs around the house after the boys had gone to bed. New ones appeared each night.....

They could hardly stand the suspense!

What is it?!! 

They asked over and over. And they got pretty creative with the ways they asked, hoping that I'd be caught off guard and answer them.

Then, on the last day of November, a box 'arrived'. Inside was our very own Christmas Countdown Pal, a beannie baby-sized penguin, along with this letter, explaining that their Christmas Countdown Pal would be helping them to count down the days until Christmas. 

'Christmas Countdown Pals looove Christmas and are very curious about how their new families celebrate Christmas. . Your Christmas Countdown Pal will come to life after you are asleep each night so it can explore. So every morning you can expect to find your Christmas Countdown Pal in some pretty strange places and, I'm afraid, in some pretty big messes {since they are} really mischievous.' 

The boys LOVED it (and the candy canes - their first of the season).

After much debate, our Christmas Countdown Pal has been christened Gingersnap. Ginger for short. But don't make the mistake I made of thinking that it is a girl. I was corrected pretty quickly by my very earnest sons. We have a boy penguin named Ginger.

Here's to a fun month of counting down the days until Christmas with our CCP!


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sarah said...

Love it Rachel! I feel the same way, but am a little sad to be missing the fun! ;) I am excited to see what you do and just may have to copy your creative idea! :) Thanks for sharing it!