A small flame

A small flame

P is for . . . .Aaarrr

  {Pirate Day}

A few weeks ago, I found a fun pirate telescope at Sharing Shop and saved it for our Pirate Day.
Thomas had a great time looking for approaching ships..... but all he found was Zeke napping in the sun :)

I made a letter map for Thomas who followed the 'P's to the treasure.

Then, we needed a real treasure hunt.

I found this site with printables that let you customize your own treasure map to fit your yard. Awesome!

The pirates were off on the hunt. . . .

At each numbered point on the map Thomas found another magnetic letter. Once collected, the 'treasure' helped Thomas practice our letters and ordinal numbers as he arranged them to make a secret message :

X, of course, marked the spot..... for an arrr-worthy lunch :)

Pirate Day books:


Pirate Boy

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