A small flame

A small flame

N for. . . Noodle?

 A bit unexpected, perhaps, but my boy loves noodles. And the best way to spell unexpected is 'fun' :)

On Noodle Day we played with - what else - noodles.

We worked with patterns. I thought about dyeing macaroni for this activity, but I've been a bit under the weather, so we went with these fun foam shapes that I already had.

I strung them onto a piece of uncooked spaghetti to make a pattern and then Thomas replicated my pattern. Then he got to make a pattern for me to copy. He had a great time with this activity.

 We also played with cooked spaghetti.

Thomas wrote his name with spaghetti. He got to use a butter knife to cut the noodles to proper size and had a blast.

Then there was a bit of 'free play' (mostly eating) with the rest of the spaghetti.

Superheros + noodles = perfect Noodle Day reading for my boy!

Noodle Man: The Pasta Superhero

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