A small flame

A small flame

lessons on thanks-giving from my son

There's no statute of limitations on thankfulness, which I often forget. I am blessed so greatly and so often.  And I say 'thank you'. I do. Once or twice. Maybe a few more times if it was a really BIG deal. And my thanks are sincere. . . But it's not long before I've moved on to new worries; until new requests, new needs, have crowded out the memory of how thankful I was for this gift or that blessing.

A few months ago I blogged about Doggy. How we lost him on our trip north; had to drive home without him. And how my littlest man prayed every day for his Doggy to come home. The post was to celebrate Doggy's return. And we did celebrate. And gave thanks. What a loving, gracious gift for a Father-God to give a little boy (and his mama!)

But can I tell you now, 4 months after Doggy's homecoming, when having him in bed with Thomas every night is so normal I don't even think about it anymore. . . . even now almost every day Thomas will pray 'and thankyou for letting Doggy come back'. He just keeps on giving his thanks! And every time he does I'm humbled because 4 months is FOREVER to a 5-year-old and what gift do I still thank God for so long after it's receipt?

There's no statute of limitations on thankfulness. 
Just something I'm pondering this week.

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