A small flame

A small flame

a little H & G

We're doing most of the alphabet in order, but
in my lesson planning, I saved H and G for late October.
For Halloween and Ghost, of course.

Thomas and I made a cobwebby 'H' -

coat a couple of marbles in white paint. . . .


. . .roll marbles around in the pan, over the 'H' (line the pan with foil first - makes clean up a breeze)

. . .  and ta-da!

Thomas thought this was really cool :)

We also made this adorable shaving cream ghost

 Thomas thought making these letters 'magically' appear was so, so fun. I may pull this activity out again another day because he just loved it. (more on this idea here)

 Last but not least, a little reading while we munched our Halloween candy. . . .
10 Trick-or-Treaters

The Costume Copycat by MacDonald, Maryann published by Dial Hardcover

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