A small flame

A small flame


Monster Day

We sang our ABCs and growled like monsters. . . .

And I sneaked in a bit of adding:

Thomas' hand-drawn monster + two dice + a bunch of eyes.

Thomas gave the monster as many eyes as the sum of the dice, and chose the numeral that matched the sum.

Then Thomas created 'the hairiest M-onster ever!'

with lots of eyes, of course :O)

Monsters are a popular topic for children's picture books, but some of them are a bit too scary and grotesque (or just plain too dumb) for my taste. So I was pleased to find some cute monster books at the library. . .

A few years ago the biggies and I read There was an Old Monster, so I knew Thomas would enjoy it as much as his brothers did when they were his age :O)

There Was An Old Monster! 

Monster Songs is a sweet story about a big brother who patiently helps his little brother get rid of the monster he fears is hiding under his bed
 Monster Songs (Real Kids Readers)

and The Monster's Monster is an adorable story about three monster-wanna-bes who create their  monster masterpiece . . . who turns out to be completely different from what they expected.

The Monsters' Monster

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