A small flame

A small flame


Can I tell you how incredibly proud I am of this guy! 

celebrating the end of his therapy intensive with a gluten-free cake :)

He has had a difficult journey. He was born with amblyopia, a hereditary condition that means that his eyes were vastly different from each other. At an early eye exam (around 3 years old), his stronger eye was almost 20/20 while his weaker eye was 20/400. This meant that even focusing clearly to see someone's face or read the words on a page takes such enormous effort that, eventually, the brain begins to suppress sight in the weaker eye. 

He has struggled mightily with reading - I think he cried almost every day for 3 years - and lots of other things. Our attempts to help him, including a year of top-notch vision therapy at around age 5, helped but ultimately did not solve his struggles; in fact, they were getting harder as time passed.

What we would eventually learn was that the larger issue was difficulty in his brain. Parts of his brain that were under-active and other parts compensated by being over-active and increasingly more dominate. It was not just his vision but Matthew as a whole person who was being affected. His personality, emotions, and mental and physical abilities were all struggling.

I will be forever thankful that the Lord led me to Dr Darcy Dane! She became my chiropractor after our move to North Carolina. She is also a Functional Neurologist who works with a whole-body approach to balance the entire nervous system.

This summer, she began a course of treatment with Matthew that involved two weeks of intense in-office therapy sessions as well as therapy assignments to be done at home. Over the past few weeks, I have watched Matthew change in ways I never thought he could! He is happier, more confident, more at peace in himself - so much so that several of our friends have commented on it. His learning disabilities are gone and, at a recent eye exam, his 'weak' eye had improved from an OD of 3.00 to an OD of 1.50. His eyes are now almost equal in their ability to see, effectively curing his amblyopia! It is amazing (and, as a Mom, very emotional) to me that a few weeks could, truly, change his life. What a gracious and good God we have!

Below is a testimonial that I gladly did for Dr. Dane about Matthew's transformation.


Jenni said...

I am very excited for you and Matthew, Rachel. I didn't know he had learning difficulties, and I'm praising God that this short-term therapy produced such wonderful results! Thanks for sharing. :)

Karen said...

Wow, that's wonderful, Rachel!! I'm really curious now to know what Dr. Dane did. :^) Did you get to sit in on the sessions?

Praising the Lord with you!