A small flame

A small flame

'K' . . . in the tub!

 I fell in love with this book as an Elementary Ed. major in college.


So, when I realized I could use it for my boy alphabet, I did a little happy dance.

K is for King

First up, a fun crown and package of sparkly, sticky-back 'gems' courtesy of the dollar store.

After he was properly crowned, I told Thomas where we were having story time.

'In the BATHTUB?!!?' 
 He could hardly believe it.

But we did.
We put down a few blankets, snuggled in and read King Bidgood's in the Bathtub.

And he we wouldn't get out . . . until we'd read the book through. Four. times!

Then, I asked King Tom if he wanted to have lunch in the bathtub.

Silly question! :O)

We had so, SO much fun :)
This has got to be my favorite boy alphabet day so far.

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Jenni said...

That is hilarious, Rachel! Quite fun! We've read that book many times as a family, but I never thought to read it in the bathtub. I should suggest it to the girls... they might think I've gone crazy! lol