A small flame

A small flame

First Day 2012

1 week of school under our belts & a few pics from our first day fun. . .

Our traditional numbers which the kids decorate each year. Since we don't really focus on 'grades', I have them decorate the number of their age.

 At 10, Matthew might be thinking this whole 'number' thing is just a bit uncool :O)
So he called in re-enforcements 

A first day treat for my 'Smartie Pants' boys.

My baby is 'officially' starting school this year. I drew this big alphabet to put on his wall, so he can see and interact with it. We sing the ABC song (many times!) every day and he points out the letters as we go - usually with at least 1 'light saber' or the laser light from his Nerf gun scope. You know, the 'usual' tools :)

Since our first day was on Labor Day (no 'boo's for being a mean Mom, please ;o ) we ended our First Day with a picnic at a park with friends.


Anna Beth said...

Love the numbers and the smartie pants!! We all enjoyed seeing the pics of Zeke as well!!

Anonymous said...

We schooled on Labor Day, but took Friday off when everyone else was in school.

Your Cousin, Beth

Rachel said...

We take birthdays off, so we will be having a day off here in a few weeks for Thomas. It all evens out :o)