A small flame

A small flame


Fire trucks and all things with sirens are a big hit with my boy. And I thought Emergency Day would be the perfect opportunity to work on some life skills. We included the big boys, which made it more fun. I figured they could use the practice too. When the biggies were little, I purposely didn't teach them about 911 because, with all the mischief those two got in, I was afraid they'd have waay too much fun with the information & we'd have had a non-stop stream of police, fire trucks, and ambulances coming to our door for false alarms :O)

We talked about what an emergency is - and is not - and practiced calling 911. I think Thomas needs a bit more practice, though, because he identified nearly every scenario I gave him as an emergency. . . Especially the scenario where his brother had taken an important Lego part and wouldn't give it back. (Although, if some emergency personnel knock on our door to settle the latest who-had-which-Lego-piece-first argument, I just might give them the job : D )

never stops moving, even in an 'emergency' : )

I pulled out the road I had drawn for Car Day, and added some Lego houses and a little fire truck to it. The boys took turns 'calling' 911 and describing their emergency (or non-emergency - we did both). For situations that would be real emergencies, dispatcher-Mom would send out some help. This gave them lots of opportunities to practice giving their address too.

I made this worksheet for Thomas to practice drawing kinds of lines

I had seen this fun idea online & knew Thomas would love it.  Each chalk flame has one of the alphabet letters we've focused on so far. I filled Thomas' little watering can and let him 'put out' each flame when I called the appropriate letter.

Our Emergency Day reading:

Preschool to the Rescue was our favorite. How can you NOT love a book that begins:

Once there was a mud puddle.
And it was sleepy, 
it was creepy, 
it was deeper-than-you'd-think.

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Jenni said...

Very creative word for the letter "e"! Looks fun. :)