A small flame

A small flame

D is for....

Dinosaur Day

On Dinosaur Day, I gave Thomas lots of practice with using his scissors.

We made this fun D-saur. Thomas loved cutting the craft foam and kept adding pieces to the make the tail longer and longer :O)

We also cut lots of pieces of tissue paper & modge podged them all over re-purposed tissue boxes. My ready-to-toss kitchen sponge got second life as dino toes and Tom-a-saurus got his feet :)

I've been saving these bottles for a craft we're doing next month and they were perfect to pull out and use in this activity. Thomas got a great workout in letter recognition - I told him a letter and he got to kick, stomp and otherwise dino-ize the appropriately labled bottle.

Our favorite book was When Dinosaurs Came with Everything.
Imagine if they did. . . . boy 'heaven' :O)

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