A small flame

A small flame

A Very Boy Alphabet

So my baby has started school. Unbelievable! This fall doing very basic stuff - learning alphabet letters, numbers, etc. Just having fun...  I have had so much fun prepping for his school this semester - there are so many great ideas out there!

We're learning two letters a week - which fits perfectly into our 13-weeks of school before Christmas break - and focusing on general awareness of his alphabet. I've put together a 'boy alphabet' - each letter focusing on a theme that is sure to entertain and please my very active little guy. I'm *hoping* to blog about all the fun we're having, but between all the busy-ness of homeschooling three kiddos, dishes & laundry, not to mention the unexpected death of our computer last week and all the fun THAT causes, I may not get them all blogged. But I'm sure you can find something else to read  :O)

A Very Boy Alphabet

A is for Alligator

I introduced greater than / less than concept with a fun game (alligator 'eats' the largest number)

And played in the swamp. A boy alphabet has to be messy, of course.

there's an alligator in there somewhere :)

We also read some fun books....
Alligator Baby

Alligators All Around (The Nutshell Library)

 This was our favorite: 

Product Details

.....probably because reading it inspired Thomas' favorite Alligator Day activity - a rousing game of Snip Snap with Mama as the alligator and Thomas as the brave boy who shouts (over his shoulder as he squeals and runs and dives) 'Alligator! you! get! out!'

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Anna Beth said...

I can also recommend the book - Flap your Wings by P.D. Eastman. Very cute. I love all of these activities - they are so fun and good for him!