A small flame

A small flame

of God and Doggies

Meet Doggie
He is an important part of the little one's life
My mom gave Doggie to Thomas the summer we moved to North Carolina,
and he's been special ever since.

So imagine my utter frustration when Doggie became lost during our stay with dear friends on our trip north earlier this summer.

Was still lost, even after we had looked and looked.

It seemed ridiculous that several competent searchers combing the house, yard, garage couldn't find one little Doggie.

Not even after I had prayed and prayed that we would find him;
had told God I couldn't imagine what was to be gained by one little Doggie. . .

But a lesson I've learned my journey - one I've grown deep roots into - is that
God never says 'no' just for the fun of it.
He is not cruel and he does not cause gratuitous pain.
Not ever.
Not even to four-year-olds with a missing bed-time buddy.

So we left Doggie behind - somewhere - and came home.
And there were a few tears shed and the occasional whistful
'I miss Doggie' moments.

And every. single. day. the little guy prayed
'and please let Doggie come back'

Until this week when, in the middle of oatmeal baths and a chicken pox quarantine,
the message came: 'I FOUND THE PUPPY!!'

And today, the mail man brought the package

And a little boy got so much more than his beloved Doggie back.
Because now God isn't just the unseen One we pray to
and the Hero of every Bible story

Today God became the Abba who cares about a little heart
and takes the time to hear boy-prayers

The One who sometimes lets Doggies get lost
just so he can say 'I love you' when He sends them home again.

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Jenni said...

As always, beautiful words, Rachel. So glad God sent the puppy back home. :)