A small flame

A small flame

finishing with style

 We are officially done with school! Our last day held just a grammar page, a bit of handwriting, and a spelling test, so I decided to add some last-day fun.

First, the boys each got a Candy Award.

Matthew, who did a lot of his work this year stretched out to his buddy, Zeke, got the 'Milk Bud' Award.

Daniel got the Gummy Worm Award for 'having lots of fun learning and wiggling around', and Thomas got the Kit Kat Award for all the breaks he gave us during our school day as he ran in to show off his latest Lego creation, effectively distracting his brothers. Again. :O)

I made the boys each a crown to wear (super easy with this printable)  for successfully conquering the school year.

yep, it's blurry - this would be my son who never stops moving :O)

 And then there was a whipped cream fight. Yep. The whole family got cans of whipped cream and chased each other, shrieking and laughing, around the yard. It was a blast!

Except for Daniel who squirted his entire can into his own mouth. There's always gotta be one . . . :O)

 After that, of course, we had to wash off, so there was a lot more shrieking and laughing involving a hose and some cold water. There was even a bit of water limbo, and some water ninja practice.

 After supper, I had one more fun thing planned.  Marshmallows and s'mores, a fire, and a big box of the year's math sheets, spelling tests, and other school work to feed the fire with. Matthew especially enjoyed that. I think there's something kinda therapeutic about watching school stuff go up in smoke. (Though my nerdy (love you, sweetie), school-loving hubby disagrees. :-D )

Daniel, who had to add one more unique touch to the day, somehow got too close to the fire and singed his hair. Yeah. *sigh*

So that's how we end our school year. . . smokey, sticky, slightly singed and worn-out-happy.

Welcome summer!


Jenni said...

Yay! You're done! :) Sounds like you ended the school year in a fun way. Great memories! Wish my mom would've let us burn up our worksheets at the end of the year. lol

Karen said...

Sounds like a blast! Your boys are going to have such great memories. :^)