A small flame

A small flame

Celebrating Spring

Finally getting around to posting pics from our Spring Celebration.

This year, I decided to serve peeps (which the boys LOVE) tucked in nests cut into their sandwiches and lined with cool-looking lettuce.

 We dyed eggs this year. First time ever. It's true - until now my poor boys have been robbed of the great childhood experience of dying eggs :o) This year, though, I finally braved up and we had a fun time. No colored water was spilled, drunk, or found its way into odd places outside of the kitchen. Guess we'll do it again next year. Maybe.

I had laughed out loud when I spotted these suckers on a shopping trip and knew right away that they had to be part of the fun. The older boys assured me that they were 'SOOOOO embarrassed', but ran outside to show them off to their friends right after I took the pic, so it couldn't have been too scarring :O)

The highlight of the celebration for Phil and I was the glow-in-the-dark egg hunt we did. I had seen the idea on Pinterest, and thought it looked fun. There was a small glitch when I got out the bag of plastic eggs I'd kept from last year and discovered that most of the eggs were too small to hold the glow sticks. *sigh*

 In the end, we fit glow sticks into the larger eggs and made rings out of the other glow sticks. The smaller eggs fit perfectly into the rings of light. We had the boys stay inside while we hid the eggs all over our woods. It was beyond cool! I think the experience spoiled day-time egg hunts for good. . .
for me at least :O)

This is how the egg looks in the light

The same egg which looks like it's hovering in the dark of our woods

See what I mean?
So, so cool!

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