A small flame

A small flame

Winning First - Twice!

This past weekend the boys participated in the AWANA Grand Prix at our church. The biggies had done it a couple of years ago, but this was Thomas' first year. Matthew and Daniel got really creative with their cars this year.

I especially love Matthew's pod racer (if the birthday party wasn't hint enough, Star Wars is really big at our house right now).

Thomas really wanted to race too, but I initially thought his age group wasn't included in the race. We found out just a week before the race that he would be able to race. Excitement was high as all three boys set off with Daddy on Saturday morning!

When I saw them a few hours later, the Bramblet boys had brought home not one but TWO first-place trophys! {Daniel was the only trophy-less boy, and of course he was pretty disappointed not to have won a trophy. . . Life lessons like that are so hard, aren't they?!}

Matthew's had won first for design, which honestly didn't surprise me 'cause his was pretty cool.

The biggest surprise was that Thomas had won first for speed. First place in the entire race! Not bad for a Cubbie :O)


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Karen said...

Awesome! I remember the only Grand Prix I was in, Dad helped us make our cars and he made my block a cool Model-T with little metal fenders. Of course that put it pretty far over the weight allowance and they drill way into the body and took the fenders off before they let me race it. I cried. :^) Fortunately Dad fixed it afterwards.