A small flame

A small flame

mercy in disguise

This month marks a year of being gluten-free. Often when people find out that I am gluten-free, they react with sympathy and pity, saying things like ''So you can't eat bread or rolls or cake or . . . that's terrible! I could never do that!'' While I appreciate their sympathy {and have certainly had my own moments of sadness as I realized all the yummy wheat things I could no longer eat} I have come to see that being gluten-free is a gift I didn't even know I needed. . . .

We recently took our boys to Chuck E Cheese for the day, a gift from the grandparents. While the boys played, the food was delivered to our table and I did my Mommy-duty, dishing pieces of hot pizza out onto plates for the family. Oh. my. word. that pizza smelled wonderful! The gluten-filled pizza that I couldn't eat.

And in that moment I was filled with overwhelming gratitude that I couldn't eat the pizza. 'Cause I know how evil my heart is. In different circumstances, I could clearly see myself wolfing down several pieces of that pizza without any thought for hunger and fullness or, especially, for God. I don't think my gluten sensitivity is an accident. In fact, I know it's not an accident. Having to eat gluten-free has been a key part of the process of detaching my heart from its love for food. Of prying my fingers free from the foods I thought I just 'had' to have and could never give up. And in prying me away from gluten, God created an opening {a very small opening at first} in my heart that he began to fill with himself.

A year into gluten-free-ness, I can honestly say that I don't mind it. It truly doesn't matter to me that I may never again eat pizza at CEC or a hot, buttery roll or a piece of birthday cake. I still have an entire array of food that I can eat that nourishes my body as well as being beautiful and delicious. More importantly {by far!}, God is filling my affections with Himself. If gluten is what I gave up in exchange for this relationship with my tender, mighty, all sufficient Creator-Father, I got the better end of the deal. By far!

What uncomfortable situation or trial is God using to free your heart of its attachments to things other than himself? Can you see the gaps he is revealing in your heart? You could fill those spaces with a lot of things, but He is the only one who can truly satisfy your heart!

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