A small flame

A small flame

the Great Taco Contest of 2012

There's a story we tell at our house -
part of our family lore -
about a taco-eating contest that Philip had in college
with his cousin and partner-in-crime, Tim.

Who won that contest is a bit fuzzy, though of course when Phil tells it, he always wins.

The boys, being taco-lovers
{and some of the most competitive creatures God ever made},
love hearing the story. . . .

And a few months ago Matthew decided that there really ought to be sequel to the contest.

Tonight we finally held the long awaited taco fest. . . .

pounds of meat,
bowls of toppings,
and 40 tortillas - FORTY tortillas, friends!

They were off and running!

Thomas said, with nearly every bite, 'I'm going to win this contest!'
And he did pretty well!

I don't know many four-year-olds who would eat four tacos.

Daniel was never really into the whole eat-till-you-pop mentality.
Between you and me, I think he just said he wanted to be in the contest
so he could eat tacos : o)

But he made it to eight anyway.

I know,
right?! :O)

Then we were down to the real competition
Matthew versus Philip

They started slowing down around 8 or 9,
and the more they ate, the slower they went.

Poor Matthew was determined to win,
but Phil was more determined
After all, to quote him, 'The Dad always has to win!'

Peacemaker that I am, I suggested a tie. . .
and I think Phil would have done it too,
just to let Matthew off easy.

But Matthew said 'No way!'
It was win or nothing.

By about 10, they were dreading the sight of another taco,
but neither one of them was going to be the first to walk away.

Finally Phil pulled ahead by 1 and then 2 tacos,

I was afraid Matthew was going to pop!
But he finally said what one of them had to say eventually:
'I'm done.'

So, Phil's Champion Taco-er title is secure . . .
at least until next year when he and Matthew are already planning to do it again.

The Final Tally::

Philip - 13

Matthew - 11

Daniel - 8

Thomas - 4



The family Z said...

What I want to know is, how long until one of the boys said, "I'm hungry!" again?

Jenni said...

Crazy!!! I could see Scott being just as competitive as the kids, too. He doesn't even let Brooklyn win Candy Land if he can help it! LOL What a fun memory, Rachel. :)

Elizabeth said...

So...where there regulations as to how much hamburger and toppings made it a taco?

Rachel said...

I was the judge in charge of making sure the portions stayed fair.... which I did with the very scientific 'eyeball it' method :D

Rachel said...

The boys were back to their normal eating patterns bright and early the next morning :o)