A small flame

A small flame

classified location

Near our house is a dry creek bed: the perfect place for a boy to explore and get dirty in! The camera & I followed the boys down into their favorite haunt recently so they could proudly show off the fort they've worked many happy hours on.

I'm sure I can't give the tour as well as they can, but I'll do my best . . . .

First up, the front door. . .

which slides open & closed on bungee cords

a bench seat, fixed in the wall

a shelf, complete with a found cup
which I can only hope they haven't drunk from

the window/sniper's lookout

an escape hatch in the roof

and, outside, an airplane for a fast getaway. . .

unless the enemy catches you and hangs you upside down in a tree!


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Karen said...

Great job guys! That is an AWESOME fort. I would have loved to play there as a kid.