A small flame

A small flame

cut the mush {monster Valentines}

Finally blogging the Valentines the boys made this year. They were to much fun to make and turned out so great.

I know Valentines is all about some candy, but I decided to make more healthy valentines that I knew some of our friends would especially appreciate getting.

I found these little 100% juice boxes at the dollar store and they were a perfect size for what I had in mind. I cut construction paper (my boys vetoed more traditional valentine colors in favor of green, orange, yellow and blue) into rectangles just a tiny bit taller then the juice boxes and wide enough to wrap around the front and sides of each box.

Then we raided my crafty stash for googly eyes, adhesive craft foam and yarn and the boys got to work creating their monsters. Each one was different and adorable in its own ugly-cute way. Once each monster's face was built, I fixed the paper onto the juice box with my 'snail' and wrote an appropriately monster-y greeting on each one.

So fun!