A small flame

A small flame

Party We Did

This year Daniel really wanted to decorate his own cake. I held the creative reins just enough to make sure the result wouldn't be a disaster :O) I carved a storm trouper mask from cake, covered it in white marshmallow fondant and supplied the food writers. Daniel did the rest.

He was so excited about doing his own cake! He came staggering out early Saturday morning, puffy-eyed with sleep, saying hoarsely, 'Mom, I got up early to decorate my cake'. :O)

He did a great job and was thrilled with the results :O)

The party was a huge success. We filled our little house with a dozen super-excited boys, gave 'em foam sabers, balloons & marshmallow shooters to play with filled them with sugar, and sent them home to their delighted parents :O)

Matthew drew this droid to use as a target for the marshmallow shooters. I think he did a terrific job!

I had a lot of fun with the food for this party. The boys loved the food names. What boy wouldn't love eating asteroids and drinking Yoda soda?

Everyone had a blast and went home happy {and hyper}, so my hard work paid off.

Happy 8, Daniel


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Jenni said...

You are a really "cool" mom! Way to go! :)