A small flame

A small flame

Party Time

We're about to have another birthday at our house. Daniel turns 8 in just a few days and I'm working on the Lego Star Wars birthday he wants.

First up, invitations.

I found some great inspiration on {where else?} Pinterest and took a couple of hours to make these one evening. I used paper towel rolls and wrapping paper rolls from Christmas as the 'bones'. The colored part of each light saber is made from dissected gift bags from the dollar store. Card stock would have been a just tiny bit quicker, but I was able to get 4 sabers from each bag with some left over to use in other decorations, so it was pretty good value for $2.

The on/off buttons are simple holes punched from adhesive-backed craft foam I had in our art box. Squeeze in a bit of hot glue and black electrical tape (also from the dollar store) to hold it all together, and the boys thought they were so cool that they were begging to sword fighting with them before we gave them to Daniel's friends :O)

Each saber is labeled with the name of a 'Jedi' that Daniel is inviting and curls of silver ribbon which I got for next-to-nothing at an after-Christmas sale.


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Jenni said...

How fun and shiny! They look really authentic, too! Bet your son and his friends can't wait for the party!!!