A small flame

A small flame

the cup stays empty

If you peeked into my jewelry box, in the compartment right at the top, you would find a little plastic cup. The clear kind that churches all over use in their Lord's Supper services. It even has a tiny bit of grape juice dried in the bottom.

I drank out of that cup one Sunday, sharing the table with other believers. Family. We sang this song together. And the pastor took his empty cup and turned it upside down for everyone to see. 'It's completely empty,' he said. 'Christ drained the cup of God's wrath so there is none left to be poured out on you. Ever.'

The Father's wrath completely satisfied
Jesus, thank you!

What a freeing realization! In spite of all the times I have failed Him, chosen something else instead of Him, I am forgiven. My sinless Savior drank every bit of the wrath my sin has ever - will ever - earn. The cup is empty. And every time I see it I remember. The cup stays empty.


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