A small flame

A small flame


It has been one of those days! I woke up tired, went hard all day long, and still have waaay more to do than I can possibly get done this evening. There is a lot of hissing going on in my head right now. Those same old lies. And, truth is, I really want to buy into those lies right now. I want to slip into the sweet oblivion of about a million chocolate kisses and a good chick flick. I do not want to fight.

I've been around this track a time or two hundred, and if there is one thing I can say with absolute certainty it is that diets don't work. Oh, it might seem like they work for a while. I might stick with my eating and exercise plan. I might even stick with it for a good while. I might loose a fair amount of weight. But, eventually, I'll be back at the crossroad I'm standing at tonight. The day always comes when I don't want to do it any more. And there won't be enough compliments or enough smaller jeans in the world to outweigh the desire to give in.

Have you ever been there?

A structured eating plan can be a very useful tool to help break poor eating habits and create more healthy habits, but eventually diets loose their luster, life-stress mounts, and it's far to easy to slip back into old patterns and old 'comforts'. That's why I'm so glad, so incredibly thankful, that these past weeks have been about deepening a relationship with my Abba and not about following a diet.

I've not given up any food purely (or even primarily) for the sake of loosing weight or even for the sake of being healthy. What I choose to eat and when I choose to eat it has little to do with those things and everything to do with being closer to my Savior. It's about finding comfort and rest in Him and not in food. At the end of the day (especially a day like today!) it's about trusting that He is right there beside me, offering a rest that far exceeded any rest I might temporarily feel from a vat of chocolate and a dozen chick flicks. He's never stood me up before, and he's not going to change. Ever. And, unlike diets that loose their charm over time, my Father only grows more beautiful the longer I love Him.

I choose Him.

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