A small flame

A small flame

Strategy: Remember which journey you're on

The 'holiday season' makes this food v God thing really challenging. As if it wasn't already challenging enough :O) My routines and 'safe' places regarding how I deal with food are being invaded by hot cocoa and tree-shaped marshmallows, candy thrown from parade floats, and Christmas get-togethers. And all those things are great. Really. But they put me in a tough place. Not just for the added temptations they bring, but for the 'gray' areas they put me in. Situations where the 'right' thing to do doesn't seem as clear-cut as I wish it was. Don't get me wrong - I'm not falling of the wagon {or is it 'the sleigh'?}. I'm not indulging in every treat that comes my way, but I definitely feel a bit off-balance and threatened.

Can I tell you something else? I've been loosing weight. I've said this journey wasn't about the weight. And it wasn't. It's still not. But, let's face it, loosing weight is fun. Watching the numbers on the scale drop is fun. Fitting into smaller clothes is fun. Actually liking how I look in our Christmas picture is fun. Getting compliments from others who are noticing that I'm slimmer is fun. Maybe too much fun. And I've found myself starting to be motivated more than I'm comfortable with by the numbers and my reflection in the mirror.

So last night God and I had a serious chat by the Christmas tree. I want to constantly remember that this is a spiritual journey. I think it's really dangerous to forget that! He is the reason I'm on this journey. And I don't want to get sidetracked by the whirl of holiday fun and my smaller jeans! Getting healthier is great. Diets have their place and exercise is beneficial, but I don't want to forget that the battles I'm facing are ultimately spiritual battles. My destination is my Abba's heart. If I get to go shopping for smaller clothes along the way, that's nice, but I've got my eye on a far more precious prize!

What sidetracks you from your journey to God's heart?


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Jenni said...

The whole "losing weight" challenge evidences my pride so much! I definitely get more motivated and encouraged by numbers and seeing results in my body shape, then by realizing I'm honoring God by gaining self-control. It's frustrating how self-centered I am, and how much I want to "look good" for the sake of others.... to whom it doesn't even matter what I look like!