A small flame

A small flame

my favorite WW II veteran

On this Pearl Harbor anniversary I did some remembering. I visited Pearl Harbor on my senior trip at the end of high school. I will never forget how solemn and awe-filled it was to stand in the memorial with the water lapping around me.

I also thought about my Grandpa A. today. He and my Grandma are a real-life war romance. A church full of people they didn't know, near where he was stationed, worked together to give them a beautiful wedding shortly before he shipped overseas.

Grandpa A. is my favorite person ever. He went home to Heaven 8 years ago this past November and I miss him so much. One of the great sorrows of my life is that he never met my boys. He would have enjoyed them. He was the kind of man I hope my boys become: strong and gentle, wise and tender. A leader who isn't afraid to cry. And he had the best laugh and a wonderful, deep voice. Even as he aged, his voice stayed rich and strong. I loved to hear him sing, which he did often. I'm pretty sure he still does. Can't wait to hear his voice again!


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