A small flame

A small flame

December 7

I always make it a point this time of year to say 'Merry Christmas' to cashiers and service people when I'm out and about. I try not to be obnixious about it, but I want to make it clear that I am celebrating Christmas and not just a 'Happy Holiday'. When we lived in the north, I found that most often people responded to me with words like 'you too' or 'same to you' instead of actually saying the words 'Merry Christmas'.

In the south, though it's different. As long as I say it to them first, people seem willing - even happy - to say 'Merry Christmas' back to me.

A woman in our ABF at church prints these on her computer and was handing them out on Sunday. I wore mine all day today as I did my Once a Month shopping. I was curious to see if it would change teh way people reacted to me. If they would take the initiative to approach me with a Christmas greeting or not.

I'd have to say it didn't seem to make any difference. No one said 'Merry Christmas' to me first, though they seemed willing as always to repeat it back to me if I said it. Very interesting.

What wearing this tag did do, though, was make me extremely aware of Who I was representing. I don't think I acted any differently than I usually would, but I was keenly aware that my association with Christ was on display for all to see. Maybe I should wear a sign like this more often.

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