A small flame

A small flame

December 10-21


It's December 22 already! My poor December Photo Project has been victim to my other busy-ness. I've been helping all the men of the household wrap up school for the semester, finishing some handmade Christmas gifts, braving the line at the post office and attending a few Christmas get-togethers.

Kinda like you have been, I'm sure :O)

Consider this a catch-up post.

December 9th

The weather has been so mild this month. The boys found our bubbles, which I'd put away at the end of summer and had a grand time blowing them on the deck. Zeke didn't know what to think!

December 13th

Phil's employers have a great, family-oriented Christmas party every year. This year the party was at a restaurant / bowling alley in Raleigh. This is the only picture I got - I was too busy rolling my ball into the gutter to take more :O) The boys had a blast. It was Thomas' first time bowling, and even 1 pin knocked down sent him into squeals of victory.

December 16th

The last stitch is sewn & I gladly hand over my stack of packages addressed to family across the country and around the world. Of course I took lots of pics of the things I made, but if I show them to you now I'd have to kill you. . . and I like you too much to kill you :o)

December 18th

Aren't Christmas secrets fun! I love that the boys are old enough to create their own secrets.

December 19th

We put gifts under the tree early this year. By 'early', I mean before Christmas Eve. Since we're out of the baby stage we figured it was time to work on the boys' self control. Besides, isn't pondering the contents of packages a great part of the magic of Christmas

December 20th

We delivered bags of my yummy homemade Caramel Corn to the neighbors as a family. It was so much fun. . . I think we'll make it a tradition!


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