A small flame

A small flame

when you want to see God

Thomas is in that really fun age where he's absorbing and verbalizing things he's learning about God. It's exciting and makes for some really good (and really funny) conversations.

The other day he was sitting at the table watching me make his lunch when he asked, 'Mommy, who is the only one who can make something out of nothing?'

Of course I said 'God'.
To which he replied, 'Yes! AND Mr. E {his Cubbies teacher}.'

I tried to explain to him that wasn't right, but he wouldn't believe me. 'No, Mommy. Mr. E did say he could make something out of nothing.'

I dropped the subject and mentioned it to Mr E at the next Cubbies. Mr E he assured Thomas that he could NOT create ex nihilo, but from the look in Thomas' eyes I'm not sure he bought it. :O)

Thomas really wants to see God right now. Last week he said to me, 'Mommy, I asked God to make you and me invisible but God didn't say anything.'

When I asked him why he wanted to be invisible he had a simple explanation. 'Invisible can see invisible. If we were invisible then we could see God.' He's mentioned it a couple of times since then, so yesterday I got out our picture Bible and told him the story of when Moses wanted to see God and how it made his face shine.

I LOVE this age! It's so fun to see God through the eyes of your child, and I just hope & pray that his questions and interest in spiritual things will continue as he grows.

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Jenni said...

precious! Love those conversations!