A small flame

A small flame

Halloween 2011

Well, in the end our Halloween included only one costume & candy event since trick-or-treating with the neighbors was cancelled last night. It was cold and raining pretty hard, so the parents made a mutual decision not to go. Staying in was just fine with me since I've got a cold & wasn't feeling the best. The boys were a bit disappointed, but they've got enough candy to keep them sugared up for a good long while. Trust me :o) Instead they watched a guy movie with Phil & I made popcorn.

On Saturday we went to Party on the Block, the event that our church hosts for the church family and community this time each year. The boys - Thomas especially - have looked forward to this party since last year so they were super excited to go.

Thomas was Spiderman. Again. Hey, when you get a good costume you might as well stick with it, right? ;O)

Daniel was a ninja. The miracle of the night for him was that he made it home with his mask and both black gloves.

Matthew wanted to be Iron Man REALLY badly. I found a red costume at the Goodwill which Phil and I re-fashioned. Matthew made his own mask by covering a blue plastic mask we already had in red paper. It was pretty neat. He was thrilled with the results.

The coolest part was something that no one got to see. Matthew also customized the inside of the mask. Cool, huh!

I have not eaten any of their loot. Haven't really even been tempted to, which I find amazing. But we did stop at the store on the way home from the party so I could get something just for me.

Wanna know what it was?

Beets & kale for my juicer.

Yep. I know. I am officially one of those weird people ;O)

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Jenni said...

yep... that's pretty weird! lol -- but good for you! :) Tell your boy that I love the mask!!! He did an excellent job.