A small flame

A small flame

eating the Great Barrier Reef

This semester the boys & I are learning about Australia in a unit study that I wrote. We are having lots of fun! A couple of weeks ago we studied the Great Barrier Reef and I thought it would be fun to make edible oceans & reefs.

Blue jello made the ocean, and once it was semi-jelled, we created our reefs. They were works of art! Rainbow Twizzlers made the perfect coral, and the little gummy fish peeking out from behind the reef were adorable. We let the jello finish jelling and then ate our handiwork (I gave Phil mine :O)

Thomas' coral was a bit overgrown :o)

The biggies' finished product

This was such a fun activity!


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Jenni said...

Such a creative way to make a reef! Looks really fun, and I bet the boys will never forget it! Every time they see rainbow twizzlers they'll say, "I remember this time my mom.... :)