A small flame

A small flame

Tuesday Tidbits

A bit of life in our part of the world......

With three very active boys, you would think that we would have a permanent spot reserved in the closest ER. But, thankfully!, God has graciously allowed that to NOT be the case. Late last week, though, we got a taste of what life could be like when Matthew came, crying and bleeding profusely, from the neighbor's trampoline where his lip had had an unfortunate meeting with another boy's foot. When we got him cleaned up a bit, Phil & I both knew immediately that his lip would require stitches to heal properly. We loaded up and drove in to urgent care. Phil stayed with the other boys in the waiting room while Matthew & I headed into the back. It was rather traumatic for Matthew (& for Mom), but we both survived and Matthew is the dubiously proud possessor of 3 stitches. It's healing nicely and is a great story to tell, now that it's over ;o)

Fall is my very favorite time of year. I always marvel at God's grace-gift in making the death of thousands of leaves look so breathtakingly beautiful. We recently took a drive to our favorite pumpkin farm to pick out our annual supply. We've gone to the same little privately-owned farm each fall since we moved to NC, and it's always so much fun. We came home with a hay bale (which made me want to sneeze all the way back) and several pumpkins & squash. Hopefully we'll get them carved this week while the whole family is on Fall Break.

When the biggies were small and we watched a lot of Thomas the Train, the phrase 'you're a very useful engine' was one we heard often. Phil started a joke that he was a 'very useful husband' when he fixed something or took care of some problem around the house. Well, I've got to tell you that he's just becoming more and more useful, that husband of mine ;o) Since we built our deck, I have been wanting a table out there so we could have meals & enjoy our lovely back yard. A couple of weeks ago Phil decided to build me a table and he finished it a few days ago. It's great! We discovered that the benches he made a couple of months ago are the perfect size to sit at the table. We've still got to out a stain or paint on the table, but I'm tickled to have it! The debate currently is whether to paint it a color {Phil is voting for yellow!??} or just stain it (my vote -either chocolate or something light & closer to the wood color). Anyone want to weigh in?

My baby turned FOUR this past weekend! He was super excited to turn four and we've had several conversations about how far superior four is to three. Apparently four is just a step away from superhero status ;o) I have not, however, been able to convince him that four year olds don't suck their thumbs. *sigh* We may have to resort to more dramatic tactics for that one.

We're loving the newest member of the family! Zeke has settled in quite nicely and has finished training to stay inside the invisible fence. This means he's able to have much more freedom than he had on his cable run. This is one of his favorite ways to spend his time.....

Happy Hole-Diggin' Tuesday!

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