A small flame

A small flame

thoughts on Halloween

I'm sure you know what BIG event is less than a week away. It'd be pretty hard to miss it {unless your favorite store has already buried the costumes in piles of Christmas stuff. I know a couple around here that have!} Aaanyway, Halloween is zooming up.

Halloween: the first in a series of end-of-the-year holidays to navigate my way through.

Here at our house we have an Iron Man (hopefully! - still working on that costume), a ninja, and one who doesn't care how he's dressed just as long as he gets to enjoy the inflatables & games at Party on the Block {our church's yearly harvest festival} and come home with lots of candy.

Me? I've been plotting and scheming about how to avoid the candy. I talked to a neighbor who's lived in her house over 10 years and she says trick-or-treaters don't come down our street, so I think I can safely avoid buying a huge bag of candy to give away. Thank you, Lord, for one temptation avoided!

With three boys in the house, though, rest assured that there will be plenty of candy around. I have been sugar-free for over 2 months, and I don't want to fall off the proverbial 'wagon' over a bit of Halloween candy!

What are your thoughts on Halloween candy? Are you making plans to avoid it or scheming to pilfer as much of it as possible from the kids? :o)



Tanya said...

This may make me sound like a cheapskate, but the way I handle the overload of Halloween candy is this: We go trick-or-treating early in the evening, then come home and sort through all the goodies. I let the kids pick out their very favorites to put in a special bowl and then...we give everything else out to the trick-or-treaters who come to our door the rest of the night! I don't have to buy any Halloween candy and we don't have overflowing buckets of it sitting around our house for weeks! The kids get the candy they like the most and the rest is gone!

Ronnica said...

I haven't figured out what I think about the whole thing. I decided not to buy any candy to contribute to Party on the Block. If I weren't looking at unemployment (possibly as early as today!), I probably would have bought some other little goodies like stickers or pencils, instead.

As for me, I know I'll eat a little candy. I won't be buying any, so it'll just be what I sneak while I do face painting Saturday.

Rachel said...

Tanya, that's a GREAT idea!

Ronnica, I'm gonna come by the face painting & catch you sneaking ;o) Praying for you about your job situation!