A small flame

A small flame

Lie: 'Look at those numbers!'

Would you think I was crazy if I told you that getting on the scale is a spiritual decision? {You already think I'm crazy, don't you? ;o) }

It is amazing to me that the father of lies can use one little square of metal and plastic to conjure up so many different lies.

See, it's not really about the number on the scale. I've had that number 'make' me fall when it went up and when it went down and even when it went no where at all.

Have you had this happen? I step on the scale, close my eyes and then slide one open just a bit to see ###. And almost immediately his hiss begins. 'Look at that number! All that self-denial and it didn't move. Not one. little. bit. Why bother any more? Let the party begin!'

....... or, 'Look at that number! Are you kidding me?! You were so. good. all week and it's GONE UP! Forget this! You'll never be free anyway. Let's just go party.'

..... or, 'Look at that number! It's lower than last time! Even though you over-ate yesterday. Huh. Well, goody! You can eat two treats today then. Matter of fact, let's just party all week long 'cause you're gonna loose weight anyway.'

What a passel of lies!

Sooo, having been around this track a time or twenty, I've learned something. That innocent, little square of metal & plastic is anything but harmless! I have learned to approach even getting on it with caution. Some time ago, when I realized that I often thoughtlessly step on the scale out of habit, I moved it out of the bathroom. Now it lives under a piece of furniture in another room. Now I have to make an intentional effort in order to weigh myself. And I've learned to only make that effort after careful thought and prayer. I don't step on that scale unless I first ascertain that my focus and heart are steadfast. No matter what the number is, I don't want it to shake my commitment to honor God.

What's your experience with this? Does stepping on your scale help or hinder your relationship with God?



Lauren said...


Our family doctor told us to only weigh ourselves once a month (the same time of day). Women especially have weight flux with their cycle and the best time is 2 days after your "time" has passed. For men the best way to deal with issue of weight is their belt size more than the scale.

For me personally I don't want to go shopping for new clothes (bigger size) so fit more than "weight" is the issue.

Food is less of a factor for me than get moving. I could sit and do projects, read, etc. and my heart would never beat very fast so getting me up and moving and sweating is where I struggle.

You are not alone in the struggle! Keep seeking to please God with your body!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Lauren ;o)