A small flame

A small flame

Lie: It's just sin

I don't know about you, but that title leaves me a bit chilled. Putting the words 'just' and 'sin' together is awful. But it's exactly how I view sin sometimes.

I often find it far too easy to become cavalier about sin. This is especially true when the sin in question involves a pet idol, say food. There are times when a food-related sin genuinely sneaks up on me, but I think most often I go into it with my eyes wide open. I know what I'm doing is a sin - I may have even planned and plotted to commit the sin - and yet I do it anyway. It's 'just' food and I want it and, besides, God will forgive me for it anyway, right? And I toss around the word 'sin' in my mind - even in conversations - like it means nothing.

But really?

Could I share this with you:

The first time I saw this, I watched it through the lens of the ways that I willingly - even eagerly - sin every day. Especially the things I think I just have to eat. And it broke my heart.

And I wondered
What is there EVER that seems worth more to me than His pain?

That would cause me to value His agony and His sacrifice so very little?!

The only perfect man who ever lived. . . the Son . . . my truest Friend . . . the One who loved me when I was indifferent to him and Who loves me beyond words - still - after every way that I have been unfaithful to him -- my sin cost that man his life. My sin caused my Savior the agony of separation from his Father.

If only we could be gripped by that thought each and every time we come to bow at the altar of our favorite idol! If only sin's reality would loom large in my mind whenever I think about finding pleasure and comfort in food instead of in Him. Seems to me that the impact of that truth would turn our chocolate-covered acts of defiance and rebellion to sawdust in our mouths.

What ways do you minimize sin?


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