A small flame

A small flame

Food-Free Friday:: Pumpkins

One of the things I love about Fall is the pumpkins.... and they don't have to be a food item. Especially when they look like this:

Phil is the jack-o-lantern artist in our home. The first year or two we were married, I did some pumpkin-ating {that's pumpkin+decorating ;o) }. For instance, there was the year my Martha-inspired self drilled little holes all over a pumpkin and pushed white lights through each little hole. It ruined the string of white lights, but it sure was pretty! These days I gladly let my hubby carve his masterpieces and hand him the candles when he's done.

The farm where we buy our pumpkins also has little squash & pumpkins for sale, so I usually pick out a few.

This year they're sitting pretty on my kitchen window sill.

A friend gave me this adorable salt & pepper shaker set

I also picked this up a few weeks ago at the Sharing Shop. When the candles inside them are lit the beads shimmer & glow. It's lovely.

Do you decorate for fall? What are your favorite fall decorations?


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