A small flame

A small flame


It is cold here. This morning there was frost on the grass and bits of ice on the deck for the first time. To clarify, I am not complaining. This is what I think fall should feel like and I love it . . . but I have realized just how much thinner my blood must have become since our move out of Wisconsin a couple of years ago because I am freezing!

Yesterday was in the low 50s, cloudy with a bit of wind and we f.r.o.z.e through Matthew's soccer game. Here's the gang all bundled up::

And one of Matthew 'cause we don't want to leave him out ;o) He has improved so much this season! There is just one game left in the fall season.

We are still celebrating Halloween, so I'll have to post about that later. Party on the Block was a lot of fun last night {and if you're wondering NO I didn't eat ANY candy. Wait 'till you see what I did get, though ;o) } Tomorrow night we are going trick-or-treating with some of our neighbors. I figure what better way to build that relationship than to let our kids haul us around collecting candy ;o)


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