A small flame

A small flame

when all else fails . . .

Recently I read this verse during my devotion time and found it so encouraging.

I have a number of health-related issues that center around adrenal fatigue. If you're not familiar with adrenal fatigue, it is a condition brought on by 'persistent, severe mental and emotional stress', a term that easily describes the trial our family has walked through in our former ministry.

There are a long list of symptoms for adrenal fatigue, and while I don't have them all I have quite a few of them. Most difficult to live with right now are nearly-constant fatigue (even after 9 hours of sleep!) and a very foggy brain that struggles to remember even the simplest of things. In the past I have been used to getting up early, having lots of energy through my day and easily remembering things, so this is a hard change for me.

I am so aware of the way my body fails me on a daily basis right now! Which made reading this verse a timely reminder for me.

Time spent focused on food or even focused on my body for its own sake is time wasted! Time spent focused on God - on building a relationship with him - cannot ever be wasted! He will be my strength and portion long after everything else physical goes!


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