A small flame

A small flame

Thomas & Zeke

Zeke is a Border Collie. Not pure border collie, but he's definitely got it in him. He loves to herd . . . the kids, other dogs at the dog park - it's fascinating to watch.

Thomas is a bit unsure of Zeke and usually keeps out of his way. I figured this was understandable, since he got a few good face-washes from Zeke's tongue the first day we had him. Over the weekend we were at the park and I was holding Zeke's leash. Thomas didn't want to go anywhere near the dog and I was encouraging him. 'It's ok,' I said, 'I've got a hold of his leash - he can't jump on you right now.' Thomas was unconvinced and kept his distance. Then he asked, 'Mom, why is Zeke a hurter? Why does Zeke hurt people? ' At first I didn't understand, but then it dawned on me that Thomas had overheard the conversations between the adults about Zeke's herding tendencies and, not knowing what herding was, had interpreted it as well as his three-year-old vocabulary would let him. Who wouldn't be scared of a dog who was a repeat 'hurter'? ;o)


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Karen said...

Aw, poor little guy! :^) Hope your explanation helped him!