A small flame

A small flame

Lie: But I Have to Eat

Want to know the current winner in my 'longest believed lie' contest? The one I have honestly believed for YEARS?

It goes something like this: 'A food 'addiction' (I use that term loosely) is so hard because I have to eat to live. At least with an alcohol or drug addiction I could just get rid the stuff out completely. I can't do that with food.'

Have you ever heard that? Said that, even?

I honestly believed it for years. Probably because, as most insidious lies do, it contains a bit of truth. I can't just stop eating completely. Not unless I want to move to heaven sooner rather than later ;o) But the lie that slips in with the truth is that all food is equal. The whole truth is that, while I do have to eat to live, the food that calls empty promises of comfort and tempts me most to loose self-control is not the food I need to live. Seriously. Carrot sticks never call my name after a bad day!

Now, I'm not saying that it's impossible to sin while eating only healthy food. Issues of self control and seeking pleasure and comfort from something other than God are heart issues, and they can rear their ugly heads in the middle of the healthiest meal. But recognizing this lie for what it is was a huge revelation to me! By cutting out the foods that tempt me most, I not only get rid of the least nutritious food, but I also make it easier to develop self control.

How 'bout you? Believed any sneaky half-truths lately?

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