A small flame

A small flame


Ever since Matthew was really little he has wanted a pet. Usually a dog. And since we always lived in no-pet rentals, we could never get one. Which was totally fine with me as I chased and parented my extremely active 3 little boys. BUT we've always said, 'Someday if we own our house we can get a pet.' So, of course, as soon as we told the boys we were buying our house back in November, Matthew cheered and said 'Now we can get a DOG!!'. We were quick to say, 'Well, someday, but not now.'

This week we found out that our friends {K & A} were looking for another home for their dog. Providentially, we had spent an evening with them recently and heard about how sweet-tempered and smart their dog was. So when he needed another home, we could easily see that he would be a great match for our family. I've always said that any dog we got would need to be energetic enough to keep up with our boys and tolerant enough to handle their well-intentioned, rough-and-tumble boy-ness (great word, huh? ;o). . . and our newest addition seems to fit the bill. Even better (for mama) he rarely barks. Hooray! We've got more than enough noise around here already ;o)

I've been listening to the giggles and laughter in the back yard this afternoon as the boys & Z get to know each other, and I think he's gonna be a great experience for our family . . . . hope he feels the same way about us.

This picture just makes me smile 'cause I think that's how so much of life with Z is going to be - boys (ours + neighbors) and dog all prancing and non-stop-moving together.



Anna Beth said...

We are so glad that Zeke is with you. I could not imagine a better family for him than you guys. It helped the girls alot to see these pics to know he is in the right place!

Rachel said...

We are so thrilled to have him in our family! I feel sad for your girls, though, 'cause I know they must miss him. If they get needing a Zeke fix, you are welcome to come visit.