A small flame

A small flame

Tuesday Turtle-bit

I was in the car yesterday, just starting to back down the driveway, when Phil came out on the porch. 'There's a turtle at the end of the driveway,' he said. I think he meant 'So don't hit it.' ;o) I didn't figure it was real likely that I would miss it in reverse, so he rescued it. He & the boys put it in the sandbox, but it was pretty insistent about moving on. Maybe it had a race to win ;o)

{Random fact for the day: Did you know that it is illegal to sell or buy turtles in North Carolina?}


Jenni said...

So fun! The pattern on the turtle's back is really cool! I love the picture of it getting over the edge of the sandbox. :)

Rachel said...

It was a really beautiful turtle! It didn't really show up in the pics, but his legs had a pattern of bright orange spots on them.