A small flame

A small flame

First Day Fun 2011

We had so much fun on our first day of school this year! Matthew even told me afterwards that 'It didn't even feel like we were doing school - it just felt like we were playing'. That's what I work & plan for our first day to feel like, even though we do actual school work along with our fun extras. Success!!

I made initial pancakes again this year - those are always a big hit!

We also had our first (of many, I hope) Boo-Hoo Breakfast. Everyone told what they would miss most about summer and then 'cried' with their best crying face. It was hilarious!

Daniel couldn't stop almost-smiling (or moving) . . .

. . . and Thomas couldn't stop eating while he 'cried'. Lovely.

We looked at our new books, painted their numbers for first day pics (below) and snuck in some 'real' school work.

I had made some fun treats for the boys. Yep. Crazy me gave 'em candy on the first day. I did spread them out over the day, though. Is that a bit less irresponsible? ;o) The pencils (found here) were adorable and a huge hit. The 'crayon' pretzel sticks were fun and I gave them the 'School Rocks' pop rocks when we had finished our work for the day.

For dinner, my Sweet Hubby took us out to Chili's (thanks, Kids-Eat-Free coupon!) and then to a park so the boys could play a while.

On a side-note, Thomas calls the picnic shelter/restroom building at the park 'the temple' ;o)

So, we're off to a great start! It took a couple of years to get into a grove, but I think I enjoy homeschooling more every year we do it!


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Jenni said...

so fun! Love your ideas. :) Can't believe how much your boys have grown.