A small flame

A small flame


Earlier this year I decided to try couponing. Again. I have had a couple attempts at serious couponing in the past, but gave up because it was too confusing and too time consuming. But, given that dollar amounts for everything have been going up except the paycheck ;o), I decided it was time to give it another try. I did a bit of research first to see if I could figure out a system that would (1) not further confused my already-muddled brain and (2) take only a minimal amount of time to maintain. It also needed to dove-tail into the way I already do grocery shopping which is in one, major shopping trip a month.

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I started my system in June and it is working great! I am very pleased. And, hopefully, I'm gonna be able to share my system without muddling your brain too much ;o)

There are some great couponing websites out there, and I really like this one. In fact, I decided to use her system of organizing. This means that I only cut the coupons I use when I'm going to use them. No more spending an entire afternoon cutting & organizing little slips of paper that I don't end up using!

I also use this website, along with a couple of others, to help me match the coupons I have with the deals at local stores. By letting them do all the 'leg-work', I am able to compile my shopping list in just a few minutes.

Do you coupon? I'd love to get your best tip!


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