A small flame

A small flame

cooling off

I don't know about you, but where I live summer weather is not over yet. We've got a good month or (probably) more of warm weather left, so I've been having fun with popsicles ! When we ran out of the store bought brightly-food-colored, sugar water tubes I bought, I decided to make a few popsicles of my own. I'm just using things I already have in the house - fresh fruit, that box of jello that's been hiding in the back of the cupboard, some yogurt. . .they're not all super 'healthy', but I tell myself they've got to be better than the food color and sugar water ones. Right?

Fudge-sicles (my childhood favorite)

Make a box of chocolate pudding as directed (instant or regular). To make this go further, add a bit more milk and some sugar. When cool, fill popsicle containers & freeze.

Chocolate & Banana Yum

Make chocolate pudding as above. Fill popsicle containers about 1/3 full of pudding. Fill the next 1/3-ish of the container with lumpy mashed banana, mixed with a bit of vanilla yogurt, and finish off with another layer of chocolate pudding. If you don't like yogurt, just do plain banana.

Creamy Jello-sicles

I had some packages of jello I wanted to use, but wasn't sure how to translate that into popsicles. I didn't want to buy anything to make these, and realized I had yogurt already went searching for recipe ideas. These were yummy & creamy!

Dissolve: 1 small box orange jello + 1 cup boiling water
Stir in 1 cup plain or vanilla yogurt

I used plain yogurt, so these weren't super sweet, but they were sweet enough. You could always add a bit of sugar to make them a bit sweeter.


I saw this idea on the cover of a cooking magazine at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago and it called - no shouted - my name! Their recipe used white grape juice over fresh fruit - berries, I think, - and sliced kiwi.

My version (of course) used things I already had in the house. Sliced banana, frozen blueberries and frozen sliced strawberries along with a chopped fresh peach. I just layered the fruit in the popsicle containers and poured juice over the top to fill up the spaces in between the fruit. I actually used watermelon juice - we've been eating a LOT of watermelon this summer - and some pineapple juice I'd saved from a can of pineapple chunks. They were so pretty and tasted good too. Best of all, these ones were completely natural. Love that!

Cookies and Cream 'Sicles

According to my children, these are the winners of my popsicle experiments so far. That's probably because they're the least healthy. LOL ;o) I didn't try them because, of course, they're not gluten-free, but they were super easy to make which I liked.

Mix up a box of instant Cookies & Cream pudding according to the directions on the box. Plop into your popsicle containers & freeze.

See, told ya they were easy ;o)

Peaches & Cream

These are probably my favorite. Mix up a package of vanilla pudding (instant or cook & serve.... but if you use the cook & serve, be sure to let it cool down first.) Layer the vanilla pudding with some flavored yogurt - I used peach and strawberry banana. Inbetween the layers, I put bits of chopped fruit - strawberry mostly. Mmmmm! SO creamy and delicious!

So, I'm curious - what cool treat do you enjoy on a sticky summer day?


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