A small flame

A small flame

and now it's August

One more week until school starts. Well, technically a week and a half, but considering the busy-ness of weekends, I figure that I've got 1 week of prep time left.

Today I got my crafty on and made this countdown chain. Now the boys can't claim that the first day sneaked up them ;o)

I also really wanted to make this robot from Family Fun. . .

except I wanted a more permanent version to hold school stuff. The catch was I didn't want to spend any money on it. So I raided the recycling bin and fired up the hot glue gun. Turned out so cute!



Both the head and the body can be used for storage For now I think I'll use it to store our math manipulatives, but the possibilities are endless.

Hooray for a new school year just around the corner!


Ronnica said...

So cute and fun...the boys will love it!

Jenni said...

great idea, Rachel! so much better than a plain container anyday! :)

Anna Beth said...

That robot is so cute!!