A small flame

A small flame

Tuesday Tidbits

We're counting down the days until summer school is done! Today is Day 4..... Day 3 if you don't count Friday. I count Friday, though, 'cause he's not officially done until he takes that last test. Hooray for another 3 nearly-done credits !!

This couponing thing is really fun. My favorite part is watching the total amount due count backwards as they ring up those coupons. In the past week I've watched my bill shrink from $15 to $9 and, even better, from $17 to $5. Yippee!! My favorite recent score was a new pillow which I got for 50 cents. My boys are pretty hard on their pillows, and I need to replace at least one. Can't beat the price, that's for sure!

A note to all you Northerners out there: it is H.O.T here!!! We've had temps in the mid to high 90s for quite a stretch, but today is supposed to be the hottest yet, I think. 102 on the thermometer. Factor in a good serving of southern humidity and 'they' say we'll be a toasty 112. Praise the Lord for air conditioning! I do. Daily!

I finally have my entry wall almost done. A couple of months ago we bought some furniture to help with storage and I painted a brown stripe on the wall. After the paint cured we added a vinyl wall saying, and this past weekend Phil helped me hang the picture frames for the gallery wall I want above the stripe. Now that I just need to order prints of some favorite photos to fill the frames and maybe re-cover the black baskets on the shelf so they don't scream for so much attention. I LOVE how it looks. Isn't it satisfying to see a project completed?!.



happy hot Tuesday


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Anna Beth said...

Your entry way looks great!! I love it!!