A small flame

A small flame

Tuesday Tidbit

I'm pleased to say that summer school is over!!!! We all survived and my husband did an awesome job, as he always does. *sigh* It must be nice to be so smart ;o)

Here's a conversation I overheard recently between Philip & Thomas:

Daddy: My baby boy’s growing up.

Thomas: When I’m a daddy I can buy another baby for you at the baby store!

Daddy: What kind of baby would you buy? Would it be a boy or a girl baby?

Thomas: A boy baby. I would buy one with red, white and blue undies!!

Daddy: Umm....huh.... and what would you name your baby?

Thomas: I would name it Flash!

.... apparently this potential new member of our family will be a cross between a couple of comic book heroes ;o)

I measured the boys recently. In the past 6 months they've all grown at least an inch. Matthew is 4' 9", Daniel is 4' 3.5" (that .5 is important, you know ;o), and Thomas is 3' 6".

In case you're wondering, this means that Matthew has less than a foot to grow before he is as tall as me. Wow!

That's about all I've got today. I'm off to do laundry & make some more chickpea flour.

Happy Tuesday


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